Best Earphones under 500 with Mic and Bass- 2021’s Top 10 Choices

What if I tell you that 500 Rupees is a decent budget to get a quality earphone with mic, high sound quality and bass? Some of you might not agree with me. But the truth is that the best earphones under Rs.500 can give you quality performance similar to some of the highly priced ones. But the catch here is to find the best ones.

Our team has conducted a research and testing of 35+ earphones priced under INR 500 to bring you the best ones. We have narrowed down to ten earphones that are worth the price and surprisingly giving amazing sound output.

You can find the reviews of our top choices later in the article. Before that, here is an overview of the top ten earphones under Rs.500 in the Indian market:

Top 10 Earphones under 500 Rs.- Overview

1. boAt BassHeads 152- Best Choice

  • Flat cables
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Great audio quality
  • Comfortable metallic earbuds

2. JBL C50HI- Terrific JBL Audio Quality

  • Sturdy long-lasting cable
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Excellent JBL Signature Sound

3.boAt BassHeads 225- Best Premium Choice

  • Very accurate lows and highs
  • No fake deep bass
  • Small comfortable earbuds
  • Not very feature-packed

4. Samsung EHS64- For accurate audio

  • In ear canal phone design
  • Budget earphone under 400
  • Long lasting design

5. pTron BassFest Stereo- Best Wireless Earphone under Rs.500

  • Wireless Bluetooth earphones
  • Good battery life
  • Great audio quality
  • Adequate microphone quality

6. boAt BassHeads 100- Budget Choice under 400 INR

  • Economical but feature-rich
  • Hawk-like attractive design
  • Comfortable earbuds
  • 10mm boAt drivers

7. Mi Earphone Basic- Comfortable Design

  • Very comfortable silicone ear tips
  • Ergonomic design
  • Passive noise isolation

8. MuveAcoustics Drive MA-1000FB- Flagship Design

  • Metallic finish at the base of earbuds
  • Amazing mic performance
  • Adequate audio quality

9.Boult Audio BassBuds X1- Most Stylish Choice

  • Earloops for a better fit
  • Stylish modern design
  • Adequate audio and mic

10.Philips ActionFit SHQ1200- Best for Sports Persons

  • Closed acoustic system
  • Great sound quality
  • No mic
  • Perfect for sporty people

Are earphones under 500 worth buying?

Whether you are trying to buy earphones to work from home, or whether you need earphones simply to play some games and communicate well with teammates, earphones under 500 are well worth the investment, and they will not let you down. These earphones would qualify as mid-tier budget earphones, but they feel and sound exactly like premium brands.

In fact, a lot of premium brands like JBL and boAt also have quality selections under 500 INR, which makes this segment of earphones a really good balance between price and features, meaning you get your money’s worth.

Some features you can expect in this range are:

  • Noise cancelation
  • Both wired/wireless options
  • Tons of color varieties
  • Great sound quality with deep balanced bass
  • Noise isolating microphones

And, in general, some basic necessities you should look for in an under 500 pair of earphones are:

Sound quality: Obviously, it goes without saying that good sound quality is non-negotiable. Most of the products in this range have superb sound quality, with a balanced deep bass and great clarity.

Comfort: If you plan on using these earphones for a long while, comfortable earbuds would be quite important to you. With some earphones, your ears hurt with continued usage, but in our under 500 segments, we have tried to make sure the earphones we recommend are comfortable.

Mic quality: One of our main considerations while making this list was mic quality. We know that a lot of you have been stuck working from home and as such a good mic has become a necessity for you to be able to take work calls and such. These under 500 INR earphones will not disappoint.

Value for money: The audiophiles among us will probably not be looking at under 500 earphones. These aren’t advertised as being premium products but rather mid-tier products that sound great and last for long enough, to be called worth the money.

Best Earphones under 500 Rs- Reviews

If you have not yet found the right earphone below 500 from the above overview, it’s time to choose one based on our detailed reviews. We have spent plenty of hours to bring you the detailed analysis of the performance, sound quality, durability, comfort etc. of these earphones.

Let’s start!

1.    boAt BassHeads 152; The best earphone with mic under 500

The perfect earphone to get under Rs.500! It’s unmatched sound quality and mic makes it one of the most sold earphones in the Indian market.

The boAt BassHeads 152 coming at just under 500INR, is our top recommendation in this list. The premium build quality and superior sound quality make it a clear choice. Some of the unique features it boasts are:

  • Braided cables: The boAt BassHeads 152 comes with a braided cable, making it tangle-free, and giving it a classy look.
  • Metallic earbuds: Sleek looking metallic earbuds that make the earphones look really refined.
  • Gold plated angled 3.5mm jack: These earphones even have a gold plated finish on the 3.5mm jack, which provides a corrosion resistive layer on top of the copper, making these earphones quite long-lasting.
  • Powerful bass: This pair even boasts of “super extra” bass, and delivers powerful deep bass. Watching your favorite movies and binging on TV shows becomes even more exciting.

These earphones come in the following varied range of colors: Black, Maroon, Blue, Red, Purple, Pearl White.
Aside from looks, the earphones have excellent sound quality with incredible comfort. They come with 10mm Drivers, which makes every rhythm hit the correct note. The mic quality of these earphones is also unmatched in this category, making it the perfect all-rounder.

A different variant from boAt sharing many of the same features is the boAt BassHeads 162 which comes at around 449 rupees. Most of the features are the same, however, the build quality of the boAt 152 is slightly better. The BassHeads 162 offers three color choices: Red, Black, and Blue.

2.    JBL C50HI; Exceptional JBL audio quality at just 500

Get this beast for an unmatched JBL audio experience.

We have all heard of JBL. Quite clearly, JBL is one of the biggest players when it comes to audio. They deal in both premium and budget products, maintaining excellence across the board.

The JBL C50HI is our second pick in the best earphones under 500 Rupees price tag. There are quite a few reasons behind this. The build is standard yet impressive, with an in-line mic and angled earbuds that snugly fit into your ears. With robust performance and attractive colors, these earphones will cost you slightly less than 500INR and are well worth the price.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • JBL Signature Sound: Just like any other JBL product, this one guarantees exceptional audio quality. The bass is clean and deep, while the treble is perfectly adjusted, making the reproduction of lows and highs very accurate. The sound quality of these earphones leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Noise-isolating microphone: The JBL C50HI comes with an amazing noise isolating mic, making it perfect for taking calls, attending work meetings, or even playing games with teammates.
  • High fidelity twin cable: Advertised as having high-quality cables, these earphones come out of the box with the great build quality.
  • Mic button with quick access to phone assistant(Google Assistant/Siri): The Mic button on these earphones is unique as it lets you control your phone’s assistant with a single touch. You can activate Google Assistant/Siri by long-pressing the mic button.

The JBL C50HI wins a top spot on our list, because of how feature-packed it is. It comes in three attractive colors: Red, Blue, and Black. These earphones also come with three different sized earbuds, to ensure that you have a comfortable experience.

3.    boAt BassHeads 225; The premium boAt experience at almost 500

boAt BassHeads 225 is designed for people who want perfection.

These earphones come at slightly more than 500 INR. This small increase in price, however, is well worth it when we look at this pair of earphones.

These premium looking earphones come with metallic earbuds, and flat tangle-free cables, and quite an array of colour options: White, Black, Blue, Green, and Orange. Just like the boAt BassHeads 152, they come with 10mm drivers, making their audio quality unmatched as they can deliver deep bass and have sonic clarity.

Some of the unique features of these earphones are:

  • Noise-canceling microphone: A good microphone has quickly become a necessity, due to so many jobs shifting to the work from home approach, and the boAt BassHeads 225 does not disappoint on this front. It comes with a noise-canceling microphone, making your voice clear and concise, whether for work, talking to friends and relatives, or gaming sessions.
  • Tangle-free flat cables: One of the most unique features boAt brings to this budget segment is flat cables. These earphones are tangle-free, meaning that you can say goodbye to all those hours you have spent untangling your messy earphones. As soon as you take it out of your pockets, or your purse, the earphones are ready to be used.
  • Metallic earbuds: The most attractive feature of these earphones aside from the sound and mic quality, is the metallic earbuds. These give the pair a very refined and sleek look.
  • 10mm Drivers: Most boAt earphones come with 10mm drivers which make their audio quality superior. They can produce deep clean bass and have great sonic clarity.

The tangle-less feature of these earphones makes them a very good option, especially if you are constantly on the go. Moreover, the fact that these look so much more expensive than they really are, make them great to use outside!

Another variant from boAt that is also slightly more than 500 INR, are the boAt Bassheads 242 earphones. This variant comes with IPX 4 Water-resistant earbuds and comfortable ear-loops. It does not have tangle-free wires. The boAt Bassheads 242 is more appropriate for those who work out often!

4.    Samsung EHS64; The most accurate audio under 500

Designed for the audiophile niche.

The Samsung EHS64 are top earphones under 500 for the audiophiles among us. These aren’t advertised as having really deep bass, or really high volumes, because that isn’t the purpose of these earphones.

Their main purpose, rather, is to reproduce the most accurate sounding audio. And, Samsung has succeeded in doing so. Watching media content with this product is very satisfying as you don’t get overly deep bass, rather clean and balanced audio.

However, Samsung has made a few expense cuts elsewhere in the product, as it is clear from the design. The earphones have a standard build, with an in-line mic having audio control options, and come in two colours only: Black, and White.

Although they don’t look very attractive, due to how small the earbuds are, and how lightweight these are, you can easily fit them inside your helmet or caps, making them very portable.
If you are looking for extremely high bass or a more feature-packed product, these aren’t the earphones for you. These earphones are geared towards a niche audiophile audience, that places importance on high-quality accurate sound and comfort.

5.    pTron BassFest Stereo; The best wireless earphones under 500

The perfect wireless earphones under 500 budget in the Indian market

These are the only wireless Bluetooth earphones on our list, as it’s hard to find good quality wireless earphones at this price range. The pTron BassFest Stereo earphones, however, are an excellent choice, coming just slightly over 500 INR.

These wireless earphones have a standard build, such that the wire connecting the two earbuds goes behind your neck, and the in-line mic stays close to your mouth. The ear tips are incredibly soft and comfortable as well. Some unique features of this product are:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity: These are the only wireless earphones on the list, and as such, they connect over Bluetooth. Connecting over the latest Bluetooth technology ensures vastly increased bandwidth which in turn means a smoother connection, even over increased distances.
  • Good battery performance: Connecting over Bluetooth 5.0 also means longer lasting battery life. You can easily play music for about 4 hours, talk on a call for about 3 hours, or keep it on standby for more than 3-4 days.
  • Mic with remote controller: The in-line mic comes with an audio controller, which makes managing calls and audio content incredibly easy.

Apart from all the novelty features, these earphones have superior, high-quality audio, with increased deep bass. The in-line mic looks fantastically, although you might need to hold the mic piece closer to your mouth while speaking for good clarity.

There is no doubting the fact that the pTron BassFest Stereo Earphones are the best wireless earphones you can get under 500 INR. These earphones also offer three different varieties:

  1. Just the earphones
  2. Earphones with black cables
  3. Earphones with blue cables

The cables in the 2nd and 3rd variety are basically charging cables, with just different colors in each variety. The multi-cables offer USB-C, iOS cable, and Micro-USB.

6.    boAt BassHeads 100; The best pair under 400 INR

The “hawk inspired” economical pair.

These are our most budget-friendly option, coming slightly under 400 rupees on Amazon. They have a really modern design that boAt calls the “hawk inspired design”, and they look nothing less than premium.

Other than the studded hawk-like earbuds, the earphones have a standard in-ear build with an in-line microphone. To further accentuate the good looks, these come in attractive colours like Black, Red, White, and Pink.

It shares a lot of the premium features that other, more expensive boAt earphones on this list have, and the audio and mic quality is more than adequate, especially considering the price range. Some features are:

  • 10mm Drivers: The same audio quality as more expensive boAt earphones, that gives you “super extra” deep bass.
  • Comfortable snug-fitting earbuds: These attractive earphones have angled earbuds that ensure a snug fit, making them perfect for long sessions of music while at the gym or for binging some Netflix.

If you are on a strict budget and need good quality earphones at the cheapest possible quality, then look no further. The boAt BassHeads is the perfect choice for you.

7.    Mi Earphone Basic; An Ergonomic and Comfortable pair

A pair of earphones, built with comfort in mind.

Love them or hate them, we all know that Mi is one of the top contenders when it comes to budget electronics. They somehow manage to make excellent products at never-seen-before prices, whether it’s smartphones, laptops, or in our case, earphones.

The Mi Basic Earphones are no different, they are priced at just 400 INR at the time of writing, and offer a wide range of features, and three color options, Black, Blue, and Red. Sporting 10mm drivers just like the boAt earphones and the pTron earphones, the Mi earphones promise to have excellent audio quality with powerful deep bass.
The silicone earbuds are angled to fit snugly into your ears, which also provides passive ambient noise suppression, and quite frankly, makes the Mi Earphone Basic very comfortable even when using it for extended periods of time. It also prevents the earbuds from accidentally slipping out when you use them while working out or running.

The 3.5mm jack is also angled, so using these with a laptop becomes easier.
The only thing to be wary of is that Mi products are very temperamental, and might or might not be long-lasting.

8.    MuveAcoustics Drive MA-1000FB; Lesser-known, feature-packed earphones

The underdog of budget earphones.

The MuveAcoustics brand is fairly lesser-known, but they are an up and coming brand when it comes to audio electronics. As such, their entry in the under 500 segment, which costs just under 500 rupees is definitely worth mentioning.

These feature-rich earphones come with a standard in-ear build and an in-line mic. The 3.5mm jack is angled like a few other earphones on the list, which makes it easier to connect with your phone while watching something, and also make it easier to connect with laptops and desktops.

These earphones come in three different colour choices, namely, Blue, Black, and White. While their design is mostly standard, the metallic finish at the base of the earbuds, with “Drive” engraved on the earbuds is a nice touch. The audio quality of the MuveAcoustics Drive is quite adequate, and the mic performs really good as well.

Some of the features that the brand boasts of are:

  • Mic with integrated functions: The in-line mic on these earphones has multiple function keys to control audio, like a play and pause button, a fast forward button, and so on.
  • Passive noise isolation: Due to the angled earbuds, there is passive noise isolation since these earphones fit quite snugly, making them ideal for outdoor usage too.

9.    Boult Audio BassBuds X1; The most stylish pair under 500

Designed with modern aesthetics in mind

Although the style is subjective and comes down to personal preference, it’s quite clear that the Boult Audio BassBuds X1 is one of the most stylish pairs of earphones in this category.

They come with a modern design, having silicon earloops for a better fit. These ear fins also make the earphones great for outdoor usage, whether you’re at the gym or hiking, or simply out for a run.

Although the finish on the earbuds is plastic, it looks quite pleasing. The angled 3.5mm jack is gold plated, just like the boAt BassHeads 152. These earphones don’t have the best audio quality on this list, but their ergonomically designed drivers make the earphones more than adequate. The in-line mic works just as good as advertised as well, even giving you Siri/Google Assistant access by pressing the mic button.

The earphones come in red colour with black accents or grey with black accents, and these would suit you well for outdoor usage.

10. Philips ActionFit SHQ1200; The sporty pair

Built for the sporty audiophiles.

There’s not a single-family in India who hasn’t used at least one Phillips electronics product, and we all know Phillips is popular for their commitment to making excellent long-lasting products.

This sporty looking pair from Philips comes at slightly more than 500INR at the time of writing, in a single color option: Orange with Grey accents. The reason we wanted to include this on our list is that the product boasts of many novelty features, and manages to deliver a decent audio output.

One of the main reasons it’s so far down on our list is because it does not have a microphone. Meaning that you won’t be able to make calls, or communicate with teammates while playing games if you choose to go with this pair of earphones.

However, the cost cuts from having a microphone are spent towards ensuring a top-tier audio experience. Some of its unique features are:

  • Sweat-resistant and rainproof cable: The Phillips ActionFit SHQ1200 comes with a sturdy cable that is ideal for working out/gyming, or outdoor usage, as it comes with a sweat-resistant and rainproof cable.
  • 13.6-mm drivers: These earphones undoubtedly have one of the best audio outputs, with their 13.6mm drivers, which can deliver incredible deep bass and clear high volumes.
  • Closed acoustic system: Since the product is marketed towards sporty people, they come with anti-slip earcaps which ensures a closed acoustic system. This means that there is passive noise isolation, and you don’t get distracted while working out.

While these earphones are our 10th recommendation, their audio quality is exceptional, and they perfect if you need a pair while going to the gym.

FAQ about Earphones under 500

top earphones below INR 500

1.     Can I get wireless earphones under INR 500?

Yes, you can find wireless earphones under 500 INR. The pTron earphones on this list are wireless. You will not find any good truly wireless earbuds at this price range, but you’ll get decent Bluetooth earphones.

2.     How good are these less than 500 earphones?

The earphones on this list are amazing if you’re on a tight budget. The sound and mic quality leave nothing to desire and the build quality is sturdy and will last a long time as long as you are careful with them. There are very few compromises made, and these earphones will surely not disappoint you.

3.     Which are the best brands for budget earphones in INR 500 range?

For budget earphones, boAt, JBL, Mi, and Samsung are the top contenders, among a few other amazing brands. Brands like JBL and boAt also make high-end products and are thought of as premium brands.

4.     Can I get high-quality earphones with good bass and mic below 500?

You can definitely get great value earphones under 500 INR, which sound amazing with deep balanced bass and have great mics. However, there will be a few compromises with each other. The build quality of some of them might not be very sturdy and they might not have very high-end features like tangle-less cord(although our top recommendation, the boAt Bassheads 152 has braided cables). Other than a few nitpicks, I would say you can definitely get top earphones under 500.

5.     Is deep bass just a marketing gimmick or does deep bass mean better quality?

You might come across a lot of earphones being marketed as having the best bass and might be wondering if that’s a marketing gimmick. Bass is the low-frequency sound that we interpret as rhythm. Deeper bass, in general, does mean more accuracy, but a good balance of highs and lows is needed for good quality of sound.


We have provided you with an extensively researched article for the best earphones below 500 Ruppes. In the end, it really depends on what you need an earphone for.

The boAt BassHeads 152 is our overall top recommendation since it comes at under 500 INR, has great audio and mic quality, as well as multiple colour choices with a braided cable and brilliant design. However, if you are willing to spend a little bit extra, the boAt BassHeads 225 is just more than 500 INR but has unmatched premium quality. The JBL C50HI is our overall second recommendation, but if you are part of the audiophile niche, you would want the Samsung EHS64, which is our 4th overall recommendation.

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