Best Earphones under 100 Rs in India: Top 7 Choices Reviewed

What if I tell you that you don’t always have to buy highly-priced earphones for passive uses? Yeah, even a 100 rupees earphone is enough for minimal uses.

There are a hell lot of high-quality earphones in the market, priced between Rs. 50 to Rs.100, that offers quality performance. You just have to be a bit tricky in choosing one as there is a risk of buying a substandard product.

But, don’t worry! We have done the job for you. We have tested and reviewed some of the best earphones under 100 Rs. in India to make your life bit easier.

If you are not an active earphone user, these budget earphones priced under INR 100 are enough for you while saving a few bucks on the way.

Best Earphones Under Rs. 100

We, the Soundlyf Team, have tested 20+ earphones priced around INR 100 to pick the best ones. As per our testing, the top 7 earphones you can buy under a budget of 100 rupees are listed below:

  1. Generic YR Earphones – Best under 100 earphone with mic
  2. Fast Delivery Present – The best budget choice
  3. Generic Canalphone- Cheapest canalphone earphone under INR 100
  4. Generic Wired – Most comfortable earphone under Rs.100
  5. Quality Productz- Best for Sound Quality
  6. Meyar Musical Life- Most stylish earphone for less than 100
  7. Alakazam Super Bass- All-rounder

I know some of you would like to skip the detailed reviews. If you are one of those guys, we have made a great comparison table for the top budget earphones under 100 rs. below.

Generic YR EarphonesExcellent mic with noise suppression
Comfortable earbuds
Perfect for long work calls/meetings
Deep powerful bass
Fast Delivery Present 3.5mmMost budget-friendly option
Price is lower than 100 rupees.
Almost premium build quality
Balanced sound quality
Generic Canalphone EarphonesSnug-fitting canal phones
Build quality is a bit flimsy
Pretty good sound and mic quality
Amazing value pair
Generic Wired EarphoneHighly comfortable
Great mic quality
Amazing bass
Great for binge-watching or gaming
Quality productz EarphoneExcellent sound quality
Great balance of bass
Accurate highs and lows
Meyaar Musical Life EarphoneSleek premium design
Attractive build quality
Adequate sound and mic quality
Perfect noise cancellation
Alakazam Super Bass EarphoneAmazing deep bass
Good mic performance
Attractive build
The perfect balance of everything

What should we look for in Earphones below 100 Rupees?

I don’t have to tell you that all these budget earphones under INR 100 are good enough for normal earphone operations like

  • Voice calling
  • Listening to music

But since these are economical products, we might not get the high-end features. What you will be getting is wired earphones (wireless earphones are not available for this price range), which can do the job for you.

budget earphones under INR 100

In order to not get fooled, here are some things you should focus while buying an earphone for less than 100 rupees:

  • Comfort: Comfort is a big necessity, especially if you intend on using your earphones for long periods of time. In general, canalphones are not very comfortable for long time usage, since they don’t have padded earbuds, whereas something like the Generic YR earphones is very comfortable.
  • Build quality: In general, the earphones in this segment might not have the best build quality. You must take good care of your earphones to make sure they last long because the cord can be flimsy.
  • Support for your device: Make sure that the earphone you choose can be used on your device. If you have a newer phone, then you might need Type-C earphones, which is generally not found in the lower budget. Every earphone we have covered in this article is 3.5mm.
  • Mic clarity: Good mic quality is a must-have, especially if you are buying an earphone to work from home. If you play a lot of online games, a good microphone lets you easily communicate with your teammates as well.
  • Volume levels: If you are buying earphones mostly for watching media-content like binging some shows on Netflix, then balanced volume levels and good general sound quality is a must.
  • Good bass and treble(good lows and highs): Good sound quality depends a lot upon whether your earphones have accurate lows and highs. While deep bass is good, you need to make sure there’s a good balance, otherwise, the sound gets distorted at higher volumes.

Best Earphones under 100 Rupees in India: Reviews

1.    Generic YR Earphones; Earphone with the best Mic for 100 Rs.

  • Top Choice for calling
  • Dynamic crystal clear sound
  • Comfortable to use
  • On-ear design
Generic YR earphones

Designed for people who need to get their work done, hassle-free.

The Generic YR Earphones are our top recommendation. They cost a bit more than 100 INR but prove to be worth it. They come in elegant white colour and have a standard build, with the attached mic having a volume controller.

  • Sound Quality: Great sound quality with deep bass and accurate highs and lows.
  • Build Quality: The build quality of the Generic YR earphones is quite sturdy.
  • Mic Quality: Excellent mic with noise cancellation.
  • Comfort: The earbuds are quite comfortable, making them even better for long work meetings and calls.

These earphones are perfect for you if you need to take a lot of calls, as it has one of the best mics in this segment. Its superior sound quality makes it the best on this list of budget earphones.

2.    Fast Delivery Present; Best Choice for Powerful Bass

  • Ideal Choice for music lovers
  • Powerful bass
  • Comes with Mic
  • Comfortable to use
Fast Delivery Present

Great budget-friendly pair of earphones to get you started.

The Fast Delivery brand earphones are our second recommendation. They are the cheapest on the list, and come in a pleasant white colour, and have a standard build, with an in-line microphone that has a volume controller.

  • Sound Quality: The Fast Delivery brand earphones have adequate sound quality, well worth it at the price.
  • Build Quality: The build quality is manageable if you take good care of them.
  • Mic Quality: The mic quality is just about adequate, but it’s not the best.
  • Comfort: The provided earbuds are quite comfortable and they don’t hurt your ears even after continued usage.

Due to how loud these earphones can get, they are great for a gaming experience, and you can use them for long gaming sessions without any discomfort.

3.    Generic Canalphone Earphones ; Cheapest Canalphone Experience

  • With mic and sound control
  • One side longer
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Tangle resistant
Generic Canalphone

The Generic Earphones are a bang for your buck.

The Generic 3.5mm canal phones are white-coloured in-ear earphones that fit snugly in your ears. The generic canalphone is slightly less than 100 rupees and is perfect for those with strict budgets.

  • Sound Quality: The sound quality is not the best but at least the natural noise cancellation on these earphones proves to work quite well.
  • Build Quality: These aren’t very long-lasting, and pulling on them too hard could lead to tearing the cord.
  • Mic Quality: The mic quality is just about adequate.
  • Comfort: Since these are canalphones they easily fit into your ears but long usage can lead to discomfort.

4.    Generic Wired Earphone; the most comfortable earphones

  • Ultra-powerful bass
  • Highly comfortable
  • Compatible with all phones
Generic Wired

Perfect for when you need to use earphones for an extended time.

Our fourth recommendation, the Generic Wired Earphones come with a standard build and an in-line mic. The earbuds are on these earphones are incredibly soft and will be perfect whether you are binge-watching your favourite Netflix show or working for 8 hours straight.

The truth is you won’t normally get such amazing performance from an earphone priced less than Rs.100.

  • Sound Quality: The Generic Wired Earphones have a very powerful and deep bass. At louder volumes, the sound does get a bit distorted.
  • Build Quality: These are quite flimsy, and the wires can snip easily if you are not careful.
  • Mic Quality: The mic is okay for general calling but it isn’t the best mic.
  • Comfort: As stated already, these are best in class when it comes to incredible comfort.

5.    Quality productz Earphone; The earphones with the best sound quality

  • High bass sound
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Stereo sound
  • Lightweight
Quality Productz earphone

These are exactly as their name would suggest; quality.

The Quality Productz Earphone has excellent sound quality. It’s a canal phone which snugly fits into your ears, and has an adequate in-line mic. One nitpicks about the build is that the mic does not have a volume controller.

  • Sound Quality: The bass is deep and well balanced, while the volume itself can get as loud as you want it to. Amazing for its sound quality.
  • Build Quality: The build quality is sturdier than a few of the more budget-friendly options.
  • Mic Quality: The mic is adequate for the cost.
  • Comfort: These won’t be good for long sessions as they can cause discomfort with continued usage.

If you are looking for the best sound experience, for enjoying media content or games, then this is the pair you need.

6.    Meyaar Musical Life Earphone; The best looking earphones

  • Super heavy bass
  • Noise-cancellation
  • Magnetic earphone
  • One button control
Meyaar Musical Life

These sleek looking earphones are designed to impress.

These noise-cancelling earphones are brilliant for everyday usage, as the sleek black colour and the innovative design make it stand out. Simply put, the Meyaar Musical Life earphones are much cheaper than they look!

  • Sound Quality: The Meyaar Musical Life earphones have a brilliant deep bass, and great noise isolation, but, it does not perform as good at higher volumes.
  • Build Quality: The cord is quite thin and can easily get snipped.
  • Mic Quality: The mic on this product is excellent.
  • Comfort: These have a good mix of innovative funky design and comfort, and can be used for multiple hours without an issue.

7.    Alakazam Super Bass Earphone; The all-rounder

  • Stylish earphone
  • Multi function button
  • Mic
  • Super bass
Alakazam Earphone

Designed for those, who want an overall balance.

The last one in this list of earphones below INR 100 is Alakazam Super Bass earphon. It has the best balance between design, sound quality, microphone quality, and comfort. 

  • Sound Quality: Perfectly balanced sound with deep powerful bass, and accurate reproduction of highs and lows, although it gets a bit distorted.
  • Build Quality: The earbuds and the unit itself are very sturdy, although the cord is a bit thin.
  • Mic Quality: The Mic performs adequately and even has a hook.
  • Comfort: The soft earbuds provide excellent comfort for longer sessions. Say goodbye to ear discomfort!

 If you want to make zero compromises, look no further. This is the product for you.


Are earphones under 100 Rupees any good?

If you urgently need earphones and your budget is restricted, then go for these as they can certainly get the job done, and perform surprisingly well for how economical they are. 

Where can I buy earphones under 100 rupees?

You can try online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq etc. There are a lot of good choices available there. You can also try to find these in local markets, but as they have really similar names, it would be quite hard to find the exact product you want.

How should I take care of these earphones?

Since these earphones are a bit cheaper, one downside would be that most of these aren’t very long-lasting. However, if you’re extra careful with these you can easily make them last 6-12 months. Some general methods of taking care of your earphones are:

  • Do not carry them in jean pockets.
  • Make sure you regularly clean the earbuds.
  • Make sure to not accidentally pull the cables, because at this price range the cords are not very sturdy.


You have seen the best earphones you can buy for a budget of less than 100 Rupees in India. We have made our sincere efforts to bring you the quality ones.

But, you have to understand that the ones we have recommended works best for very minimal usage. If you are someone who is looking for quality product and your budget is less, we would recommend you to try under 200 and under 300 earphones.

In conclusion, the Generic YR Earphones is our top recommendation. However, the Generic YR is a bit more than 100 rupees, and if you have a strict budget, then the Fast Delivery Brand would be our top recommendation. If you simply want something that looks good while working fine, then the Alakazam Super Bass earphones work fantastically as well.

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